Look at what has happend to our beloved Kenya.

The clip that follows was shown on the PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) network in the USA. You be the judge!


Insightful Interview with David Brooks, an Op-Ed Columnist with The New York Times

He writes about politics, culture and the social sciences



Interesting Observation - what it means to be an Ismaili (submitted by Jay Mehta (London, England)

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Most of us have traveled back home from our Class of 1965 reunion in Vancouver, Canada.

Please visit your website frequently as I update it over the next few days. I am currently traveling but plan to post updates regularly till the job gets done.


Aga Khan High School, Mombasa – Class of 1965
Reunion - Vancouver, Canada
Friday July 31, 2015 to Monday August 3, 2015


(submitted by Zaitun Jiwa (nee Samji)

“The WORLD suffers a lot. 
Not because of the violence of bad people,
But because of the silence of good people!"

AKHS, Mombasa - Class of 1965 Reunion Video

AIDS MESSAGE - Two things involved - FUNNY

Why Kenyans do it better? Kenya - way ahead

Jaluo au Muhindi - you decide

Islamophobia - an interesting review of the facts

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Mombasa, Kenya (July 29 to August 1, 2010)

Judging from the emails and calls I have received, the 20 of us who made it to the Reunion had a wonderful, uncomparable experience.

Truth be told - this was not something that one person could have possibly organized, certainly not to the degree of detail that was called for. Our local anchors were:

Zaitun Samji - now Zaitun Jiwa
Rashida Samji - now Rashida Alibhai
Shameem Karamshi - now Shameem Popat

Without their help, it would be safe to say that our experience would have been quite different. So, please acknowledge their input whenever you wish to thank the organizers for pulling this one off.

You will find the Reunion information in 3 different areas:

Tab 2 - Reunion Info. Here you will find  information about the reunion, including the list of attendees. 

Tab 3 - Reunion Messages. This tab will list all the emails I receive concerning the reunion. It starts with an email I received from Jennifer Price 

Tab 8 - Photo Albums. We have lots of Reunion pictures on the website. The pictures were uploaded to the following albums:

Album 8 - Aga Khan High School visit - July 30, 2010
Album 9 - Whitesands Hotel, Bamburi
Album 10 - Aga Khan Academy visit - July 30, 2010
Album 11 - Restaurants - Mubins on July 29, 2010 and Galaxy Chinese Restaurant on July 30, 2010
Album 12 - Vistas of Mombasa - 2010
Album 13 - Tamarind Dhow - July 31, 2010

Please visit your website often as I shall be continuously updating it with new information over the next month or so. When viewing the photo albums, I suggest that you click on "Click to view slide show" button for the album you wish to see.. You can then chose to either play the slide show or advance each picture manually - your choice.

For the 20 of us who made it to the Reunion, I hope you spend some time perusing the website and reliving those precious moments over and over.

For the rest of you who did not make it to the Reunion, I hope you get a sense of what we did and the places we visited. I hope that some of the pictures bring happy memories of Mombasa.

Life cannot be measured by time - it can only be measured by moments.

(click image to expand)
SORAB SURATIA'S original photo album - FRONT COVER and inside of FRONT COVER (Std 6B = 1960)

Two Questions

1. Does anybody have anything school related that is that old?
2. How did Sorab paint the front and the inside cover sheet? Who was our Art Teacher? (see answers below)




Sorab's technic:

Front cover = potato printing
Inside cover = finger printing

Our Art Techer (Aga Khan Boys Primary School - Ibrahim Master)

SHORT CLIP on MOMBASA (courtesy Munim Lakhani)


Please click on the pause button (in the separate browser window) to stop the music before you play the Chakula Ya Kenya video below. You can restart the songs when done.

AKHS Main Entrance - 2010
AKHS Main Entrance - 2010
AKHS Main Entrance - Some things have not changed!

AKHS Mombasa - Full View


AKHS Mombasa - Close-up View


Assembly Hall - Blood Donation Day 1982

AKHS Physics Lab - 2010
Form IVA, Form IVB, Form IVC (partial) as we knew them

Assembly Courtyard


Gateway to Mombasa

Remember Bella Vista Restaurant round the corner - we used to enjoy Steak Akbar (when affordable or if you were Liki's friend)


Kilindini Road, Mombasa

Remember J. H. Gidoomal & Fontenella?

This was the best hotel on Mombasa Island before the Oceanic Hotel was built. Do you remember this hotel's original name and location?

From:   Zaitun Jiwa (Samji)
E-mail:   angel@wananchi.com
Date:   Sunday, January 18, 2009
It is Palace Hotel on kilindini road.  How Can I forget this hotel, belonging to Fatma Mawji''s (Jivraj) parents???  We used to spend her every birthday there for years!!!  Remember Fatma???

Those good old days!!!!
Reunion Quiz
Kenya's population was 13m in 1965 and is 39m today, growing at 2.55% p.a.. What is the expected population in 2050?

Reunion Poll
Why should I attend the Vancouver REUNION in July, 2015?

The next reunion (if any) will be in 2020 or later!
Some of our classmates will not make it to 2020 - over 10% have left us
Who knows what my health will be like in 5 years time?
I want to tell him/her what I never have for all these years!
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