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Senate deal 'to halt government shutdown'
The US government shutdown is set to end after Senate Republicans and Democrats reach temporary budget deal. - RSS Channel - World

Survivors scale the apocalyptic landscape to recover what is left of their loved ones
The crew gently digs around the dark, matted hair protruding from the rubble. As they pull away bits of debris, the stench of rotting flesh grows more pungent.

Mosul: Victory at what cost?
Six months ago, US-backed Iraqi forces retook the city of Mosul from ISIS control. But the long battle obliterated the ancient city and claimed an untold number of civilian lives. Now its remaining residents are left to survive in the rubble.

Russia faces 6 more years of stagnation under Putin

5 ways the world is pulling apart

What happens at Davos?

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AIG, once on death's door, is doing deals again
Insurance giant American International Group needed a $182 billion bailout from the federal government a decade ago to avoid going under. But AIG has clawed its way back from the depths of financial despair and is finally starting to make deals again.

What happens to the stock market when the government shuts down
The federal government has shut down. How has Wall Street reacted so far? With a big yawn and shoulder shrug.

EU heaps sanctions on Venezuela as isolation grows
Venezuela's regime is becoming more and more isolated from the world.

Largest East Coast oil refinery goes bankrupt, blaming 'broken' EPA rules
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Are you hiding money from your live-in partner?
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