April 30, 2018

Anwar Versi interviews HH The Aga Khan

Our classmate, Anwar Versi finally got a chance to interview HH The Aga Khan recently (April 2018) in Nairobi. Please visit the karibuni page for details and updates as they become available. I have had several email responses to the posting on our website and so thought that it would be a good idea if I create a blog where everybody in our inner circle (all students of AKHS, Mombasa irrespective of which year-class you were in) can post a message for all visitors to the website (specially Anwar) to see and appreciate.

www.akhsmombasa is a communal site - it is YOUR site. You may blog (AKHS Blog page) and re-blog as you please.




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al-noor Vellani on June 30, 2020 11:55 AM
Checking in to see what I have missed since the last time (2013). Thank you Amin (and all) for keeping the site fresh.

After so many years of living the question I have (and Nazim has yet to answer): Is life in general probablistic and the living of a specific life (given the constraints and, perhaps, the epoch in history one finds one-self in) upto us? Even the dying? Or is it "written" and deterministic?

al-noor Vellani

Any body out there to take this up?
Amin Mawji on June 30, 2020 1:38 PM

Good to hear from you - the last time we met was a couple of years ago when Fatima and I were driving to western Ontario and stopped for a couple of hours in Hamilton for Razia's bhajias!

To me, the answer to your question is clear - life if probabilistic. We go through life making choices using incomplete information and many a time, uncompleted journeys but always electing to choose the option with a higher probability of positive outcome. Example of choices one makes - career, life partner, place/country to live and bring up your kids ...

Of course, there is a lot of randomness in life that may give the feeling that it is pre-determined with several aspects simply beyond our control e.g. one comes and leaves this world on choices not of one's making. Throw in luck and fate to extend this randomness.

However, for the part that one can influence/decide life is probabilistic.


Amin Mawji on April 30, 2018 9:02 AM
Congratulations Anwar - a terrific achievement. I knew you as 17 year old classmate who specifically excelled in language and literature.

Life takes us in unpredictable directions and your calling took you to a publication house in London, England. However, at heart you have remained an African - how else can one explain that you had to choose to work for the NEW AFRICAN Magazine!

Life is an allocation game - hope you allocate time to come to the next reunion (2020 maybe..)

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