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Our dear friend Nakulan Nair left us recently. Things were going fine until a few months ago when his medical challenges started piling on and battled them he did, as one would expect of Nakulan, till the end.

We left Aga Khan High School, Mombasa a long time ago (Dec 1965) and memory recalls fade, as they must, but one thing I do remember about Nakulan from those days. A shed (roof only) was being constructed near the back wall (Pandya Hospital side) to park the school buses. As the structure was being erected, Nakulan would hang on the overhead pipes and go the length of the shed using his hands, hanging about 8 ft. from the ground. This entertainment was repeated somewhat regularly as we played football (soccer) with a tennis ball in that general area, before the morning bell.

Nakulan was surfing the web in 2008 and randomly came across our website ( He inquired on the site and was once again connected to the Class of 1965. His humor was not lost - the site stores very early and recent photos of each student. Nakulan uploaded 2 photos, both with cups. He told me that it explained his journey from sports cups to teacups! (to see photos, select Photo Albums - Nakulan Nair - We Miss You - click to view slide show or click to view page layout)

Fatima and I visited Nakulan at his house in Redmond, WA on May 28, 2009 (photos).

Of course, Nakulan came to our 2010 reunion in Mombasa and infact addressed the students (photos).

Goodbye our dear friend - you have left us physically but your memory is forever etched in our hearts. We miss you.

Amin Mawji

PS. Please visit the website for history, updates, nostalgia, photo albums and more. (

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