February 8, 2021

Nakulan Nair - We Miss You

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Sorab Suratia on February 25, 2021 11:17 PM
Hello Amin
So sad to hear the news about Nakulan. Can you please pass on my condolences to his nearest and dearest.

Nakulan was a great athlete in our days. He was the captain of my Sultan House. I think he probably broke all the athletic records of our School in the events he participated in.

One vivid memory of his prowess. We were playing a cricket match at our grounds across the road from our School. Nakulan was in the field when an opponent hit a shot towards the boundary. The ball went past him but he was after it with fast speed and stopped the boundary. I was sitting next to one of our opponents and all he could say was "That guy is lightning". Never forget that comment.

 R.I.P Nakulan

 Sorab Suratia

Shaida Lloyd on February 9, 2021 4:54 PM
So sorry to hear about the sad demise of Nakulan. May his soul rest in peace and may he be blessed with a flawless journey to heaven.

Al Nasir Zaver on February 9, 2021 4:33 PM
Really saddened to hear of Nakula's sudden passing. A true and wonderful classmate, friends with everyone. A fantastic sportsman and I enjoyed having him in our class and on the soccer field. We were lucky to chat with him on our Zoom call a few months ago. We were looking foward to seeing him in Mombasa in January 2022. He will be greatly missed. Rest in peace, my friend.

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January 20, 2021

REUNION 2022 Mombasa

Mombasa Reunion 2022 - we are all coming - kucheza pamoja kwa mara ya mwisho


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April 30, 2018

Anwar Versi interviews HH The Aga Khan

Our classmate, Anwar Versi finally got a chance to interview HH The Aga Khan recently (April 2018) in Nairobi. Please visit the karibuni page for details and updates as they become available. I have had several email responses to the posting on our website and so thought that it would be a good idea if I create a blog where everybody in our inner circle (all students of AKHS, Mombasa irrespective of which year-class you were in) can post a message for all visitors to the website (specially Anwar...


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December 21, 2013



I was certainly hoping that a lot more of our classmates would have registered by now (six weeks). Obviously, this calls for more motivation. I have called several folks who have promised to "show up" on the site but nada so far. I NEED YOUR HELP, TAFADALI.

The site has been updated - I hope you find something of interest for you and yes, am always open to suggestions. THIS IS OUR SITE

Please register as soon as you can - this will permit a meaningful stab at organizing a reunion in 200...


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December 6, 2008

Tafadali Tu Saidia

Fort Jesus
Fort Jesus

Our first step is to get everybody registered on the Class of 1965 page with their photos. This allows individual contact very easily by clicking the blue email tab under the record of the classmate you wish to contact.

It also allows me to broadcast emails - a big administrative help.

To date, we have only 11 registered classmates - out of approximately 130 (8.5%) Also, some of the registered classmates need to upload their photos.

Please do your part and REGISTER. Also, ENCOURAGE at least...


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November 11, 2008

Class of 1965

Around the end of Nov 2008, it will be 43 years since we parted company as Form IV students at AKHS, Mombasa. Life has taken us on different journeys - most of us now live away from Kenya.

However, it is our shared past that has kept the bond intact. Over the years, I personally have met many of our class-year mates in different countries and yet there are some whom I have never met, despite some effort in that direction. It would be an absolute thrill if all of us make it a point to attend the...


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