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Reunion - Vancouver July-Aug 2015
The wait is finally over. Our next reunion will be held in Vancouver, Canada from July 31 to Aug 3, 2015 (3 nights). It will be almost 50 years since we left AKHS - life has taken most...
Last Post: Dec 26th 2014
Author: AIM
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Email from Musti Mamujee
Hello Amin, Mansur(Kara), Rashida(Bhogani) and all

First of all.........jambo from Mombasa. It is so good to hear from Nakulan, Pratibha, Jennifer, Sorab, Anver, and many other AKHS...
Last Post: Feb 25th 2010
Author: aim
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I am quite successful at being a Fun Quiz Master for schools, usually attended by Parents, ex-students and friends of the school. Raising funds during the quiz for the school, in a fun, none...
Last Post: Feb 7th 2010
Author: aim
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Staying at a hotel on the South Coast
My original idea was that we stay at a hotel on the North Coast (Bamburi) during our REUNION. I am being told that the South Coast beaches are much better - apparantly, there is some erosion in...
Last Post: Jan 18th 2010
Author: aim
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I am seeking 4 volunteers (one from each stream A,B,C and D) to help contact our classmates so that:

1. They register on the website
2. They are made aware of the Reunion in...
Last Post: Jan 13th 2010
Author: aim
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