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ANWAR VERSI, Class of 1965 interviews HH The Aga Khan
Nairobi, April 2018 for NEW AFRICAN Magazine
(Full interview will be published in June 2018 issue of the magazine)

Anwar and HH The Aga Khan after the interview
Anwar and HH The Aga Khan after the interview
Answer Versi greets HH The Aga Khan - Nairobi, April 2018
Answer Versi greets HH The Aga Khan - Nairobi, April 2018

SUMMARY of Emails received on April 21, 2018
from Anwar Versi, Class of 1965


Dear friends,
It’s been a very long time since we communicated. I hope all
is well.

I had the honor and privilege of meeting with and interviewing
HH The Aga Khan in Nairobi recently. It was quite an 
overwhelming experience. I remember when he succeeded his
grandfather and his photo appeared in the hall at the school in
Mombasa. It has been a long journey but finally managed to 
actually meet him and have a conversation, so I thought I will 
share this with you. Extraordinary person - so humble and soft 
spoken but his words carried great weight.

A true leader for all for our troubled times.
Warm regards,


I had taken a sabbatical to Ghana for two years - it was interesting, but I missed the hustle and bustle
of magazine production, so I quit Accra and spent six blissful months in Mombasa. But the bhajias,
samosas, biryanis etc. wreaked havoc on my waist size (which is still far too large as you can see
from the photos), so I hightailed it back to London and back to my old publication.

Yes, indeed, the meeting with HH, who was on a very tight schedule as you can imagine, was a
great occasion.We'll publish the interview as a profile in the June issue  of New African.


Indeed, I am a very lucky to meet HH.

We'll be publishing the interview in profile form in the June issue of New African (published end of
May). I cannot provide you with any material until after publication but maybe you can alert
mutual friends about the  publication date - they may want a copy as a keepsake.

I believe HH is visiting Canada soon as part of his Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.
By all means do sow the seeds for a reunion in 2020.


Indian Parents Expectation


Ever wondered how they composed the music for
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly?



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This was the best hotel on Mombasa Island before the Oceanic Hotel was built.
Do you remember this hotel's original name and location?

From:   Zaitun Jiwa (Samji)
Date:   Sunday, January 18, 2009
It is Palace Hotel on kilindini road.  How Can I forget this hotel, belonging to Fatma Mawji''s (Jivraj) parents???  We used to spend her every birthday there for years!!!  Remember Fatma???

Those good old days!!!!
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