Photo Albums
2023 Aga Khan High School visit
2023 Banquet, Whitesands
2023 Reunion Mombasa
Nakulan Nair - We Miss You
Nakulan - sportscups
Nakulan - teacups
Amin & Nakulan, 2009
Amin, Fatima & Nakulan, 2009
Nakulan & Fatima, 2009
Tara, Meena & Nakulan, 2009
Nakulan - chemistry lab, Msa 2010
Nakulan addressing 
students with Mohamed 
Poonja, Msa 2010
School Pictures
Primary School Pictures
Primary School Teachers - MARY ANDANI & JENNY JANMOHAMED
Primary School Teachers - JENNY JANMOHAMED & MARY ANDANI viewing an exhibit - FORT JESUS, Mombasa
Boy Scout JAYANT MEHTA -  could never keep his legs together
Std 7 BOYS - Class photo with our class teacher, JENNY JANMOHAMED
Boy Scouts trip round E. Africa - 1963
Group picture BEFORE we left Mombasa
NAIROBI after lunch (all dressed up and cool) I think Amin Alibhai still wears this shirt
KAMPALA - Makerere University, front gate
MWANZA (I think) - always used expensive vehicles
KAMPALA (I think) - we used to have lunch/dinner at this house everyday
DAR-ES-SALAAM Railway Station - just before departure to Mombasa (with Scoutmaster MAMLO)
ON LAKE VICTORIA - Ferry = MV SYBILL. Going from Kampala to Mwanza
VOI Railway Station stop -
Mr. William (Principal) welcoming His Highness The Aga Khan - 1982 Silver Jubilee school visit
Teachers & Staff
STAFF === Mrs. Haji, Mrs. Cissy Monserrat, Mr. Muneyb - Mr. Madhev - Mrs. Drsydale - Mr. Corky (Principal) - Mr. William
Shabnum Bandali (Standing 2nd row, 3rd from right) as Form 1 Science Teacher at AKHS in 1970
Teachers - 1
School Event - 1
Karsans, Ms Fazal, Ms. Janmohamed (khali) - is that Parvein in the middle??
Wedding at Kuze JK - Ms Andani taught us!
Mohamed Dhanji's (Scoutmaster) Collection
Pesa Ya Kenya
1960 - Twenty Shillings = 100 meat pies
1965 - Shilingi Ishirini = 57 meat pies
1972 - Shilingi Mia Moja = 33 meat pies
1966 to 2000 Pictures
CLASS GIRLS AT MAWJI WEDDING - FEB 1974 - Parvin Karsan, Zaitun Samji, Najma Jetha, Nargis Stock, Nurjehan Kanji and Shaida Walji
1972 - BREAK ON A ROAD TRIP FROM NAIROBI TO MOMBASA === Aziz Dharamshi, Amin Mawji & Alnashir Zaver
Mini Reunion Pictures
Aga Khan High School visit
Whitesands Hotel, Bamburi
Aga Khan Academy
Restaurants we visited
Mombasa in 2010
Mombasa Market on Salim Road
Mombasa - Market side street
Mombasa - view from Salim Road
Mombasa - Opposite Elias Hotel
Mombasa - Originally Ellias Hotel
Mombasa - street view
Mombasa - post office
Mombasa - Palace Hotel
Mombasa - Palace Hotel
Construction poles
Entering Mombasa Island from Nyali Bridge
Nyali turnoff - Nakumatt
Tamarind Dhow